Letter to My Conservative Brother

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Slumber under propaganda
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I hope you aren’t falling for all the GOP hype about health care reform since you actually know what it’s like not to have health insurance between jobs. But, did you know that average wages are $2000 real dollars lower now, adjusted for inflation, (even *before* the economic debacle the Republicans gave us) than they were the day Bill Clinton left office? The Democrats have always been better at governing than the Republicans. Due to 40 years of Republican control of the government since Reagan first won election, the top 1% own more than the combined wealth of the bottom 95%. This shift only began during Reagan’s time and continued with tax cuts and loop holes for the wealthy and corporations while the middle class and lower income groups received only minor lip service. Allowing Bush’s tax cuts, which have fed this income shift dramatically, to expire will once again allow this top 1% to participate in the maintenance and upkeep of our country. When you hear all the Rush Limbaugh‘s and the Glenn Beck‘s complaining about wealth re-distribution, this is what they’re talking about. They don’t want to start paying their fair share of taxes again. They make it sound like regular folks like you are going to have to give it up to the non-working poor and illegal aliens. That’s not true. It sounds good, though, doesn’t it? They play on conservative bias against the non-working welfare poor, minorities, and illegal aliens to push their agenda. You will only be better off if health care is either made cheaper by legitimate competition with a public option or is government-run like my health care is. Imagine your insurance premium going up times four in the next few years which is what is projected to happen if things remain the same as they are now. Will you get that much of a raise? Will your company continue to pay their share because their share will go up four times what it is now, too. They may decide that paying for employee health care is cutting too deeply into their profits. That’s what is happening all over the country already.

I’m including a link to an article with a graph in it to show you pictorially the ‘re-distribution of wealth’ as it has shifted from across the spectrum of socio-economic groups as it was in the 1960’s to the concentration in the upper 1% as it is now. I am not against there being very wealthy people in our country and would like to be one myself. However, I don’t want to acccumulate wealth through any means that destroys my country in the process. That is what is happening now. Let’s fight the hype!



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