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The Nobel Committee made it a point to say that they had awarded President Obama the prize – not for what he would do in the future – but for what he had already done in his time as a candidate and as President of the United States. He has taken our nation’s reputation, which was in tatters after the Bush presidency, and restored it once again to the honest broker that the world wants to believe in. Whether he lives up to the promise of his youth remains to be seen, but he has already accomplished a Herculean task which we here in America, isolated from the world opinion, don’t fully appreciate.

So why did they award President Obama with this ‘atta boy’ so soon in his presidency? The committee made it clear that he has already restored America to its leading role in the world from its most-hated status where it was at the end of the Bush administration. They implied that in this dangerous world today that people still want to know that ‘Camelot‘ is alive and well and that there is a grown up in charge there who knows how to interact with the rest of the world. Their votes were a vote of faith in this man’s wisdom and ability to consider all sides of a problems before acting. They voted for a man who has demonstrated that he will not act rashly and make decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information. They voted for a man who may make mistakes as a human being but will do his best to correct them and make reparations if needed. My fellow Americans, they voted for US for having the courage to vote for the outsider and the unknown factor to take America back to Camelot!

President Obama Gets Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama Gets Nobel Peace Prize


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